2021 – reflecting on the past and setting goals for the future

Undoubtedly, this year was not what everyone expected. The pandemic has really changed our perspective on life – from simple things, like gathering with your friends in a bar on a Saturday night to how we manage our business operations and deal with risks. We hope all our users are safe and well! Raison’s team wishes that the New Year will bring health and success to everyone.  

Apart from all the hardships we faced, the year was still full of great accomplishments. Let’s do a quick recap!


Products and services 


This year, we brought back our most popular product – USPX digital units tied to an economic interest in SpaceX. The offer got a lot of attention and by the start of November, the units were sold out! Later we introduced two new investment opportunities in Airbnb, Robinhood, RSN Token, Diamond Foundry, Klarna, Kraken, and Invision. Besides that, we added USDC and USDT, added a new provider for payments, and a system of individual virtual IBAN for replenishment and withdrawal of funds. This was the first step to providing full IBAN accounts for our users.

When a company goes public, unitholders have a cash-out event; receiving a payment equal to the number of units they hold multiplied by the new price. And this year, we finally are experiencing the process! Airbnb went public on December 10th. Currently, the liquidation of the shares and distribution proceeds to the holders of UAIR is upon the full expiration of the lockup period, currently cited to expire the later of either 

1) 121 days after today’s IPO or 

2) the second trading day immediately following the public release of second-quarter earnings following the most recent period for which financial statements are made public, shares will become freely transferable. 

Follow our social media for the news and updates on the situation. 


License update and valuation increase 


After the latest round of funding our valuation rose up to €2.5M. We were mentioned in more than 30 publications in the media, including Forbes and EU Startups. 

In 2019, the Estonian government passed a law tightening the rules for obtaining licenses to work with virtual currencies. Only 140 companies out of more than 3000 primarily regulated ones were able to go through the new regulation procedure.  Among those 140 is RAISON! We have successfully updated our licenses under the new rules. Our team holds immense pride in having legal and regulated operations that protect our users and their assets. Your safety is always our priority.  


Referral program, #stayhomechallange, and giveaways 


When the lockdown happened, we knew that it will be very challenging for a lot of people. So we decided to show support to our users who choose to stay home for a better cause and launched the #stayhomechallange campaign. For every day that the person spent home, they were awarded! The condition was not to go further than 500 meters from the house, and every day confirm your location with a click in the application: it tracked the user’s geolocation. We didn’t stop there and held a huge Ethereum giveaway and partnered with the To The Moon game, where the users battled for $1000 in a race. 


On top of that, one of our big milestones this year was the launch of our referral program! Now our users are able to get bonuses for inviting friends and get 50% of the profit from their transactions. 




The year started with Raison getting listen in the Estonian startup brand ranking of 2019 by BalticBrand and powered by Accenture and getting ready to attend Tech Chill in Riga, where we were chosen as one of the Top Startups to attend the Fifty Founders Pitch Battle. 


Our presentation at the conference was a huge success and we got to meet a lot of our new users and gathered a lot of valuable insight. 


Moving on to our first victory of the year – the Unicorn Battle! Sadly, this was the last conference that we were able to attend offline. But it was a pleasant surprise how many conferences managed to quickly transform their format to online. Our first-ever online conferences took place in the summer. The Podium conference and Startup Grind were a unique experience and it was rather hard to get used to the online format of presenting at first.  With the new gathered courage, we went on to attend the Fintech Week Lithuania Pitch battle and won! Huge thank you to all the judges and other attendees, it was a pleasure. Additionally, this year our CEO Alexander Zaytcev was picked as the best young entrepreneur in the blockchain industry by GSEA – a worldwide competition for young entrepreneurs from nearly 60 countries.


2021 plans

  • Adding more companies to the platform
  • Launch of the Secondary market for private equity
  • Referral program сompetition 
  • Finishing the development of the native application 
  • Webinar and book on pre-IPO investments  
  • SEO optimization 
  • Google partnership
  • Regular news and updates on pre-IPO
  • And more…

Last but not least, thank you to everyone who believes and supports us! You are our main motivation in achieving our dreams and we will make sure to continue improving ourselves. Cheers to the bright future ahead of us!